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FLO Payment Processing

FLO Payment Processing

We offer multiple customized programs that are easy to set up with transparent and locked-in pricing. Get what you sign up for with no rate hikes and junk fees continuously being added to your account.
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FLO HR & Payroll

FLO HR & Payroll

You get expert help setting up the smartest ways to pay your employees and taxes via our payroll platforms. Plus, you receive tools to manage and protect your business while staying compliant using our HR platforms.
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FLO Point of Sale Systems

FLO Point of Sale Systems

We offer POS Systems for Multiple Business Types: Restaurants, Retail, Healthcare/Medical, Professional Services, Petro & C-Store. Keep in mind, hardware & software financing is available.
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FLO Tax Credit Services

FLO Tax Credit Services

We have former IRS agents & tax professional on our team with over 1,000 projects completed and 2 billion incentives created. Get a free initial assessment so you can grab your credits!
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FLO Cash Discounting

FLO Cash Discounting

We offer an innovative solution to eliminate payment processing fees. Save up to 100% of your monthly credit card fees!
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FLO Trusted
Referral/Partner Program

FLO Trusted
Referral/Partner Program

Want to build additional revenue streams? Become a referral partner! Come Grow with Us. Join an AWESOME career path with people who care about your success and go above & beyond.
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FLO Business Insurance

FLO Business Insurance

FLO Insurance Brokerage offers you a variety of protection and coverage for your business - all thru trusted and experienced agents and a variety of carriers and options. From, employee supplemental benefits to workers comp to general liability - we've got you covered.
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No Rate Increases. Ever.

When you choose FLO Business Solutions, rest easy as your pricing does NOT change and fluctuate — as long as you maintain your regular processes and model.

Corporate payment companies typically use every April and October to pad their pockets by piggybacking on the Issuing Bank Card brands updating hundreds of levels of interchange rates. Since Interchange is set by the issuing banks and card brands, this usually results in a small interchange increase as an excuse to boost their profit margins.

With FLO we cannot control the card brands' small increase/decrease. However, what we do control is how we react to it. As a valued FLO Solutions business client/partner, rest assured that the rates we give you from the start are the rates you get to keep for the life of the account.

The better your business does overall, the better we do. We grow and succeed together.

Next Day Funding

Batch/Settle your daily transactions as late as 11:00 p.m. at night and get your hard-earned money in your bank account the next morning. We realize the importance of getting your money the next day instead of waiting a few days and we are here to serve you.

Same Day funding is available for an additional fee.

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Your All-In-One Solution

Payment Processing: We want to be your trusted partner to help you accept all forms of payments in the ways you want and need.

Point of Sale Systems: You’ll have many options to demo and set up the latest and greatest POS resources to propel you forward with technology and customer enhancements - each customized and built to fit your specific needs.

Bundle Services

Most all businesses qualify for deep discounts or even some of these services at NO COST. Lets explore how we can package multiple services for your business and optimize efficiencies. For example, you may process enough volume in credit/debit cards to qualify for FREE Payroll and/or FREE POS.

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“I have owned and operated multiple restaurants for a long time and seen a little bit of everything along the way. I understand in the merchant service world after going through rate increases and reps not delivering on what they promised when they sold me something that I thought that was just how this industry worked. I mean I get phone calls every day about someone that can help me with my merchant services, seems like everywhere I turn someone is trying to sell me merchant services and I’m not even kidding. I am thankful for the FLO team and them doing everything and more that they promised me during the sale.
I am principal type guy; my wife may call it old school but I appreciate the FLO team doing what they said they would do for my business”

Sofrito Hector Batista/Owner of Sofrito Restaurant Greenville, SC

“We have been in business for a long time and have had our share of different sales reps always try to get us to change our processing company, seems like we got calls almost daily about it actually. Also as a company we are very loyal to our vendors, however there was something different about Brandon and the FLO team. During our meeting I remember it always seemed like we was always listening to us before he was trying to sell and that men a lot to me and our team. Brandon also had a solution to all of our pain with our current processor at the time (some of the pain we already knew but some Brandon discovered for us). We have been processing with the FLO team for a few years now and we always recommend Brandon and the FLO team for all the right reasons”.

Red Oak Brewery Red Oak Brewery/Ashley Justice-Director Whitsett, NC

“Our Company has been with the FLO team for over 4 years. I would highly recommend them to any company wanting to save money while receiving great customer service.”

Catawba Fish Camp Brandon Edwards/ Owner at Catawba Fish Camp Fort Lawn, SC

“I switched all my CiCi Pizza restaurants to Brandon and FLO over a year ago. He made the switch effortless on my end, they even called the point of sale we use at the restaurant and did my homework on that end for me. I was very pleased the knowledge Brandon and his team had when they did the install at the locations. They even went to Walmart in the middle of the install to get a port switch for a extra ethernet cable hook up for us. The FLO
team then made sure we completed my PCI compliant survey while they did the install as well. FLO team always picks up the phone and I had a terminal go down and FLO made sure to do all the work for me while I ran the restaurants and had a replacement terminal over nighted to my restaurant. I would highly recommend the FLO team as they local and you can tell they are experts in their space”.

CiCi’s Pizza Mitchell Uehling/Owner of CiCis Pizza

“Tony was a huge help for us at the restaurant. I was shopping for a new point of sale and I met Tony with FLO at the perfect time. He was very helpful and was by my side during the whole Demo process. Tony even helped me set up my new office printer, he did not have to do that. If you are looking for a great partnership where you have a merchant service rep that cares about you and your business more after the sale than during the sale, I always recommend giving Tony at FLO a call. I just really like when I’m able to become friends with my vendors that way it’s a healthy two-way street partnership.”

Taqueria Picante Amelia Camarena/ Owner of Taqueria Picante Anderson, SC

“I send a lot of referrals to the FLO team because I know my current customers and friends are going to be treated right with FLO. For me it’s about trust, I know and have worked with Brandon and the FLO team for years so I know their morals and ethics line up with mine and for me that is hard to put a price tag on that piece of mind”

EmPower Solutions Laurie Childress/VP Business Development at EmPower Solutions, LLC Charleston, SC

“The FLO team was able to help me a lot at a few of my restaurants. I had some problems with Gift cards at one of my locations and Brandon was able to quickly eliminate that problem for me which was huge for us. I joked with Brandon when he came back to the restaurant to check in on us that next month and I told him the FLO team is like your local GEICO agent, saving everyone at least 20%. I highly recommend the FLO team as it seems like everywhere I go in town they are doing their business processing as well. Overall good people and thankful for Brandon and his team.”

Hwy 55 Jason Hall/Owner of Hwy 55

“Our initial setup with Brandon for all our terminals was very easy and any questions afterward was answered promptly. Brandon has a great personality and very knowledgeable about the business. Always look forward to hearing from him when he is not so busy. Keep up the good work.”


The Meat Center The Meat Center/Ann Boss-Owner Lancaster, SC

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